Theft & Intrusions

In a society where buglars, thieves and criminals are more and more organised, new and innovative solutions must be put forward in order to protect corporate, commercial and private goods and assets.

FOG Security

Upon detection on an intruder, the BANDIT 240DB fog generator will quickly release a dense fog in the protected premises that will cut visual contact in a matter of seconds; no visual contact means no stolen item!

Active Security

The first device ever to provide an ''Active'' deterrent solution to burglaries, break-ins and theft. Protect your asset and even your staff. Quick and easy to install to your existing alarm system.

The most effective asset protection device by fog in the World

Our worldwide clients include major corporations, jewelers, high end retail stores and many more.


Protect your inventory, goods and assets with BANDIT

The Bandit 240DB fog generator is used worlwide as an effective deterrent and protection device against buglars and robbers.

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